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The Gallon Challenge
The Ultimate Challenger

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This site honors one challenger that has taken the experience to a whole new level. This man goes out of his way to make it an enjoyable experience for the spectators. This man is Jerry Mahon. Jerry has taken the challenge 10 times. He can puke up his milk from basically any position, (although I have no pictures, I have seen him do it while in a head stand),and he is never afraid to take the challenge. All you have to do is ask him. For these reasons, Jerry is the ultimate challenger, a man to be regarded on a higher level than any other challenger. The ultimate is a man that everyone should aspire to be like.


This is Jerry, get to know this face, because you will see a lot of him here. He has taken the challenge 10 times to date, and that number is ever growing. On this particular occasion he threw up 27 times, a number that is foreign to the normal challenger. Jerry made that possible by drinking 3 gallons in one night. One of those gallons just happened to have expired 12 days prior to consumption.


This photo was taken that same night. Jerry turned the electrical box in my front yard into what we call Lake Mahon. Notice the different positions each time he heaves. He keeps it interesting for the crowd. A true sign of the ultimate challenger.


Here it is folks. Lake Mahon. This is the final product of his 27 yacks. Notice the volume of the puddle and the 3 gallons in the background. All of this and Jerry Mahon is still smiling. Yet another sign of an ultimate challenger.


Look out, here comes Jerry full throttle. Notice yet another position, his form is perfect. Somebody showed up with their A game.


Oh man, check out the spread. He can actually control the way he wants his puke to angle. This is called the obtuse angle puke.

This site is still in the early stages of developement, more pictures to come soon.