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I have great respect for the people on this page. Some call them stupid, but I call them brave. These people care for you and me enough to drink a gallon of milk as fast as they can, just so that we can laugh and take pictures while they puke.

Scroll down to see my friends calling the dinosaurs.


Here at the Official Gallon Challenge Website, we like to think of the challenge as something that unites us all. For example: this is Brandon, I dont know him, but he sent me a picture of himself throwing up on his shoes, and now I feel like we are best friends.


Projectile vomiting... Check. Durfnose... Check. Beard... Check. I think it is safe to say that Joshua Thomas has it all. Thanks for sharing your experience with the world Joshua.


I don't really know this guy, but I feel like I do because you just feel a connection with people who have thrown up on you front steps.


This is George, he brings the style aspect to the challenge like nobody I have ever seen. Notice the cowboy hat and the spread eagle position. He adds a lot to this game.


This is trevor. His face says it all. You can tell he is in a great deal of pain. It aint glamorous, but these are brave men.


A good bit of the time the challengers experience what we call durfnose. Durfnose is when the vomit comes out of the challengers nose as well as their mouth. Here is Joshua displaying a fine specimen. Notice the mustache....Got Milk?


Although a rookie, Taylor hogged the spotlight. Whats not to love about a guy who pukes out of a tree. Not to mention his speed record. I gotta give him props. This is a challenger who has it together.


This man holds the record as the only guy to have taken the challenge dressed like a cow. That's worth a few style points. Nice udders.


Abe is what we call the laid back puker. Notice the hands in the pockets and the backwards hat. He's just chillin. I admire a man who can be relaxed with a gallon of milk coming out of his mouth.


Whoa, check this guy out. I am not exactly sure who he is, but none the less he was at my house puking off my front steps so I figured I would put him on here.


This is one of the few girls to have taken the challenge. She was a little shy, and tried puke in the bushes where no one would see her. But I got her picture and now she is on the internet for everyone to see. Technology is a wonderful thing.


Now this is what I am talking about. Have you ever seen so much come out of someone? This could be the best picture on this page.


Oh wow. Here is a nasty case of durfnose on the way out. One of the better durfnose pictures I have. I am real proud of this one.


Uh......yeah, Tony's approach didn't exactly work as well as he had hoped. Well, nice try though.


Another impressive girl puke. This type of puke, where the vomit trail is actually longer than the person yacking is called a Sally. Sally pictures this good are few and far between. They just don't happen folks. But we managed to capture this moment on film and now it is available for all to enjoy.


Robbie is a second time challenger formerly know as the king of false alarms. This time he came through with several good yacks. He wins the award for most improved challenger. Keep it up Robbie.


The challenge can be a great team building experience. These guys hated each other an hour ago, and would you take a look at them now.


North Dakota's capital city is Bismark. Their state bird is the Western Meadowlark, their state flower is the Wild Prarie Rose, and their state past-time is puking milk. Here is a picture of Evan representing for the N.D.


Here is Jason, demonstrating the effects of a whole milk gut bomb. Sorry, Jason, but everyone knows only Chuck Norris can beat the mighty Gallon.


This is PJ, a first timer to the gallon challenge. But he already looks like a pro. Nice job buddy, you're gonna be a star.


The perfect example of a gallon challenge failure. Take a gander at the gerth of this evacuation.


The king of false alarms, Robbie must have dry heaved about 150 times before finally getting this up. We were all very proud of him when he puked. Nice job little buddy.


This crazy cat chose to take the challenge with chocolate milk. We do state in our rules that it has to be regular milk, but he is still yacking all over the place so we'll let this one slide. I gotta give style points for the basketball goal too.


Trying to imitate his favorite bird the titmouse, Joshua reaches full wing span and evacuates his dairy product.


This picture shows the three stages of the challenge as well as any picture I have ever seen. 1st, there is the chill stage. This is the stage where you try to act like you're not hurting. Then there is the ready positon, accompanied by dry heaving and the pre-game spit. Finally you have the yack.


Ahmed may very well be the first egyptian ever to take the gallon challenge. Notice the steam rising from his puke. Thats mystical. Clearly not your average pile.


Carey is the happy puker. Notice the way he just hovers over his vomit and smiles at it. I like his style.


Here is a happy crowd. Notice the full gallons however. I have a feeling that their moods are about to change. Start drinking guys.

( By the way, the guy in the red shirt... Thats me. So you can rest assured, I dont just sit up on my high horse and watch, I'm down in the trenches with the little people, puking my guts out.)


This is Hart. He put on one of the better shows I have seen. This picture is just the early stages of his puking, trust me there is plenty more to come.


Check out the explosion coming out of JoBeth's mouth. She doesn't look to happy, but it makes for a good picture. Way take one for the team!


Tony had an interesting approach to taking the challenge. He decided it might help if he smoked about ten cigarettes while he drank.


This is probably the most impressive girl puke I have seen. Haley most certainly overshadows even some of the best challengers with vomit like this.


Here is Bryan displaying all of the compnents of a great obtuse angle puke. He has the wide angle, and a nice spray, topped off with a little bit of durfnose.


When all is said and done, it is great to be a challenger. Ninety percent of the time, challengers end up with a more positive outlook on life. It can truly be a life changing experience. Here is Haley loving life.


Our newest edition to the challenge photo album is Ryan H. His dedication to the cause is matched by none. Ryan sent me his story and I just had to put him up here. He wanted to have a part in a little slice of heaven that we like to call the gallon challenge website. Throwing up milk is awesome.

I have a steady stream of pictures coming in right now, so keep checking on a regular basis. I should have new pictures up soon.